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West Coast Diving - 2019
This is a log of my dives and pictures from Vancouver Island for 2019.
Chemainus (2018-01-06 10:50) *Open Circuit & Piranna Scooter*

Chemainus Chemainus

Chemainus Video Chemainus Video 

Chemainus (2018-01-01 10:50) *Open Circuit & Piranna Scooter*

It was a great day for a New Year's dive. The sun was 'almost' out at Chemainus, tides were middle and the ocean was calm. After gearing up, headed out on the scooter to the dry docks. After surveying all four, headed over to the small wall just off #2. After traversing the wall, back to shore for coffe. Overall an excellent dive.

Chemainus Video Chemainus Video 


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