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These are pictures of various equipment being used or repaired.
Prism Scrubber Refill (October 2008)

These shots show refilling the Prism scrubber with Sodasorb 6-12, employing an ingenious block of soft foam to keep the 'sorb out of the center core of the scrubber.

Scrubber Refill Scrubber Refill Scrubber Refill Scrubber Refill Scrubber Refill Scrubber Refill
DUI Drysuit Leak Testing (September 2008)

My DUI drysuit, purchased March 2003, started leaking rather badly over the past few dives. Actually, not a leak - more of a full FLOOD. I checked for leaks using the "light test" (bright light shining inside at night) to no avail, so this was my full "inflation test", complete with soapy water and a 40cf tank of air. No leaks were found.

I thought the floods were due to the neck seal, and indeed I had not been paying proper attention to the neck seal in the last few dives. On occasion it did fold over and looking around inside a wreck did cause a good flood on occasion.

However, there was another leak. Even after I sorted out the neck seal, I was still geting wet at the end of the dive by my right hip. Closer inspection showed the zipper is starting to wear out at the bottom (where it is joined together), and the suit does get some "weeping" from the zipper at that point. Careful cleaning has reduced the weeping, but no eliminated it. Soon it will be time for a new zipper (ouch - $$$).

DUI Inflated DUI Inflated DUI Inflated

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