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Software - March 2011

I have been writing software in some form or other since my first programming course in FORTRAN, back in 1979 during my degree in Chemical Engineering. Since that time, I've embraced numerous programming languages such as FORTRAN, PL/1, C, C++, Java and numerous other 'utility' languages (Perl, PHP, etc.). In my career as Computer Science instructor I've taught C, C++ and Java since 1990.

As a consultant, I've developed many software systems and programs in these languages, in addition to a shareware program that can be downloaded here: huntrods zone - software.

This section is dedicated to current diving-related software, currently developed for the iPhone platform.

If you wish to partipate in Beta testing any of the software mentioned below, please contact me via email. You will have to supply your iPhone's UDID so I may add you to the list of testers.


GasRad started out as a simple gas blending program for my iPhone. I wanted something to mimic the spreadsheet calculations I had been using to blend gas mixtures including nitrox and trimix, but on my iPhone. GasRad began with a single gas blending page, but as I saw need for other components I added those pages. GasRad now includes 'Best Mix' calculations and 'Pressure Mix' blending. The latest version adds MOD and END display to the blending screens as well as a new preferences page.



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