the scuba zone - Canon R50 & Nauticam NA-R50 Review
Canon R50 & Nauticam NA-R50 Review

In spring 2023 I purchased a new Canon R50 mirrorless camera and a Nauticam NA-R50 underwater housing.

This review exists because I am always considering new equipment and upgrades to my underwater camera system.

Update #2 - First dive with the Inon macro lens using the new bayonete ring. June 11, 2023

I dove today with the Inon macro and my NA-R50 system. Visibility was absolute crap, but I still was able to get several macro shots during the dive. I took the Ikelite neoprene lens cover and kept the Inon lens on the camera for the entire dive. The camera, housing and lens worked perfectly. I am really impressed with everything so far except the recent visibility. I was able to test the entire system 'in motion' when I got a scooter tow from my buddy.

I took 9 shots; here are two that I like.



Here is the last photo cropped and processed in Lightroom.

Chemainus (lr)


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